Birthing Plan?

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Mar 11th 2019, 10:35 PM
My friend has told me that I need to do a birthing plan and that I need to be firm about my choices when the time comes. I really like this idea, but I am aware that her plan was literally thrown out of the window despite no complications. Has anyone here done one before and if so, what has your experience been regarding your birthing plan, was it taken into consideration or completely dis-regarded? I am a little nervous tbh. 


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Jun 10th 2019, 02:08 AM
I had both a good and a bad experience with my birthing plans. But what I have learned now that I didn't know then, is if you are not happy with your care in any way, you CAN request a different midwife/staff during your labour. It is absolutely your right. This just never dawned on me, I guess I was too busy and the fact my midwife was not communicating didn't help. 

All I will say is, think seriously about what you want, get it all written down and get your birthing partner to try to enforce your wishes when you can't. But keep an open mind too. Sometimes things do not go to plan and as such sometimes for you and baby another way or suggestion may be preferable. So listen to what your midwife and/or Doctor has to say if this should happen as there may be genuine reasons rather than just bad staff. x

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Jun 10th 2019, 12:09 PM
Neither of mine went to 'plan. I guess the first thing is deciding where you want your birth, at home or hospital and if you want pain relief or not and what pain relief you do and don't want Then there are things to consider like a water birth or maybe even a doula.

My first I said no epidural and I ended up with one. My second I wanted a water birth at the hospital where you can only have gas and air and was lucky enough to get the birthing pool on the day but then things suddenly moved and I couldn't get back into the pool for the birth, I was gutted :lol:

I would make sure your preferences are known to your MW and birthing partner but be prepared that things can change.


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