What is your weekly budget for shopping

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Feb 20th 2019, 09:49 PM
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Jun 25th 2019, 12:01 PM
I try to, I'm getting better at it #hide

I try with a start of £100 and see how much I can NOT spend out of that. Tend to be proud one week and make up for it the next however I was shockingly spending over that and wasting too much like you. I am wasting less.

£100 is based on 2 adults and 2 kids but the girls are with Dads 4 days one week 3 days the next.

I try to take the £100 out in cash and I can 'see' what I've got
Check my fridge and freezer
Have a list for shopping
Try and set shopping days so I have a Monday shopping list and a Thursday shopping list


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Aug 10th 2019, 03:14 PM
I try to plan our meals. I hate waste but do find in the holidays already we have wasted stuff because our plans have changed, mostly weather depending because if it is nice we have been out on day trips longer.

I also do 2 fresh shops through the week or stuff definitely gets wasted.

I look out for meat on offer to freeze at home. I also put a red sticker on them so I know they were frozen on the day of use by so when I defrost I know I have to take out that morning and cook that evening.

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