Ovulation Symptoms & Signs

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Jul 1st 2019, 09:51 AM
If you are trying to conceive you will be looking for ways to increase your chances of pregnancy by pin pointing your most fertile days and ovulation. The window to catch the egg is small so you want to increase your chances.

Most women cycles range from 23 day to 35 days, most women ovulate mid cycle (for example day 14 on a 28 day cycle). Day 1 of your cycle day is the day you start your period and up until ovulation this is called the follicular phase, after Ovulation this is called the luteal phase

A drop in basal body temperature 
This means taking your temperature every morning, around the same time each day. 
Your body temp will dip before ovulation, rise again after ovulation and stay steady until your period or pregnancy.
If you become pregnant your temp will stay higher.

Cervical mucus 
Your cervical mucus changes during your fertile and infertile stages of your cycle due to fluctuations in your hormones.
Cervical mucus may become dry following your period but will change to sticky, creamy and watery before EWCM egg-white cervical mucus which is high fertile mucus and looks like raw eggs white.

Cervical position
During infertile days your cervix will remain low, hard and feel like the tip of your nose and during your fertile stage the cervix will be high, soft like your ear lobe and wet.

Ovulation pain
Some women experience mild pain in their lower abdomen. It is important to know the pain is a mild sensation and severe pain should be checked out by your doctor. Severe pain around ovulation can be an indication of a medical problem such as ovarian cysts.

Other less reliable ovulation symptoms and signs can include:
- Tender breasts
- Heightened sense of taste and smell
- Spotting - Ovulation spotting
- Increase  in energy levels
- Increased libido
- Water retention 

Ovulation prediction testing

There are various ovulation detecting prediction tests and kits on the market.

Ovulation microscopes
The new MyLotus fertility monitor starter pack

Testing  Angel