I'm glad I shared my miscarriage

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Feb 20th 2019, 07:15 PM
My world came crashing down when my excitement of my first ultrasound ended with no heartbeat. I felt alone even though my husband was with me. 

I couldn't wait to let everyone know past the 'safe' 12 weeks we were expecting. Instead of happy news I decided to still share my pregnancy on Facebook, I didn't want my baby to not exist and it's the best thing I did. Suddenly I wasn't alone. I found out many of my friends and work colleagues were in this 'club'. Some people called me straight away or popped me a message other waited a couple of weeks but overall the support I received and the feeling of not being alone was the best kind of medicine to start me on my way to heeling. I never knew these people so close to me had been through this pain. So much support and stories to share. It helped me get through I know it did.

My advice is if you want to share your baby do it  Heart

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Jun 10th 2019, 02:33 AM
I am so sorry for your loss.  Heart

Social media does have some positives. I think it can help us to be more open when we see someone else going through something we have experience of whether personally or by being there for someone else. It can be a great support at times. Well done for sharing. 

I hope you are doing ok lovely. x

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