How did you deal with Mastitis?

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Jun 21st 2019, 03:39 AM
Hi Moms!  Big Grin
I'm a mom of 3 and my youngest still breastfeeds at 8 months. I just had mastitis for the 3rd time, gladly I have a probiotic supplement, it's a probiotics for mastitis. It is literally the probiotics to prevent mastitis. Every time I felt something with my breast I quickly take that probiotic. And after some time, it's as if, I never felt the pain. All well and repeat, breastfeeding again but I'm thinking of weaning my child now. I can feel it, he's ready haha. Anyways, how did you deal with mastitis? I handled it with a probiotic supplement and its been great. Smile I just want to know your experience. Smile

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Jun 24th 2019, 07:51 AM
No experience but I just wanted to say hellooooo  Heart

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