Making Your Stepchildren Feel At Home

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Jun 20th 2019, 08:41 AM
That first part of blending 2 families is really stressful but sometimes it's the small things that make your stepchildren feel like it's their home too and also for your children to realise it is their home too and nobody is treated differently!

So like I say the small things which for me started with;

My girls had their own fleece blankies for colder evenings and movie nights in the livingroom ... so I bought my stepchildren their own blankie rather tan the 'spare' which we used the first time. I was amazed how well they went down #smallthings

Towels, my girls had a pink and purple towel then we just have a pile of them stuffed under the bed storage. So stepson got a red towel and older stepdaughter got a nice fluffy light grey towel. Again something that was received silently but you could tell those small things went a long way.

What little things did you do to make your stepchildren feel at home and not a visitor?
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Jun 25th 2019, 10:34 AM
What a nice thread.

I love those ideas, like you say they are the small things, Made me smile reading it. Do you think step-parents can make too much effort trying to gel with their poses children? Can't be easy!

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