What do you do when the kids won't eat what you make them?

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Feb 18th 2019, 07:48 PM
My kids eat the same things every time mostly because I give up making things and wasting it. They seem to go into automatic "I don't like that" the second they see something new ...  they can't and don't get past it, they bearly put it in their mouths and they confirm they don't like it. I understand we all have our different tastes but it's like they have convinced themselves in advance and the end. There is no way they don't like EVERYTHING other than your standard pasta, chips, sausages, chicken nuggets and flipping pizzas! 

Sometimes it's just a case of it's a different shape like they will eat Bolognese but they won't each it if I make it with meatballs (same meat but balls) ... "I don't like it".  Dodgy


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