When are you going to have children?

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Feb 11th 2019, 02:20 PM
This questions infuriates me. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Prior to finding out having a baby isn't as easy as just looking at a boy I wouldn't dream of asking such a personal question but family and friends seem to think it's ok to just drop that question on you.

My best friend ... I get it but at the dinner table at your in-laws for example Angry no no no!
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Feb 27th 2019, 12:07 PM
Always. I actually tell them "it's none of your business". I'm undecided if I am having more and if I want to talk about it *I* will but to ask me is just rude in my opinion


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Jun 5th 2019, 11:34 AM
I think for me it was about who asked but you are right it is a very personal question, most people who ask these kind of questions don't think about situations like infertility because they have never been in those circumstances or know anyone who has. For me it would have to be a private question if I was really close to that person, the dinner table is definitely a no no  Undecided

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